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Why Organic Cotton is Better

Cotton is one of the most widely used products in the fashion industry, but most of the cotton that is used is made with extensive amounts of pesticides which affect not only the environment where they are grown, but the workers who harvest them and the people who wear them.

Organic cotton does not use the conventional growing method and has a far lesser environmental impact, human impact, and has been said to have a higher quality and comfort level.  

Organic cotton is better for the environment

Organic cotton does not use pesticides as opposed to non-organic cotton which uses a huge amount of pesticides to limit the amount of work required to make the cotton. About ⅓ of a pound of chemical insecticides is used to grow enough non-organic cotton to make just one t-shirt. Organic cotton farms instead use natural techniques to ward off insects that are threats to the plants, such as covering them with natural materials. In this way, organic cotton has been shown to be far better for animals as it does not have any of the issues surrounding pesticides. 


Organic cotton is better for human health

Another benefit of organic cotton and the lack of pesticides use, is that it is far better for human health, anyone that is around the organic cotton will be far healthier than any of the people around the non-organic cotton farms. This is mainly because of respiratory issues that can be caused from the chemicals that are used. Others that live near non-organic cotton farms have been shown to be affected as well as their drinking water has been shown to be contaminated by some of the chemicals that are being used. Furthermore, people who wear non-organic cotton can also be exposed to remaining amount of pesticides which can be absorbed through the skin. Non-organic cotton and the chemicals that are used have been shown to cause many health issues, such as ADHD, weakened immune systems and even birth defects. 

Organic cotton is more comfortable and better quality

Organic cotton also has been known to feel better in terms of comfort level as the threads of cotton have not been broken down or damaged by chemicals used in the growing process and thus will typically last longer. In this sense, organic cotton is a far better choice as it will last longer, so you are getting a better quality product for a similar cost. When looking to buy something like bedsheets, comfort and quality is typically widely looked for, and choosing organic cotton provides something more comfortable as well as having all the other benefits of organic cotton. 

As can be seen, organic cotton has many benefits and is a great alternative to buying regular, non-organic cotton. The benefits of organic cotton are seen through their environmental impact, their impact on human health and the fact that they last longer and are more comfortable.