About us

Company Profile

Created on the strong dedication towards leading textile industry and driving to achieve the goal at International Standards. We are into an organic small scale apparels textile industry. We are certified by ICEA (by Italy) and our GOTS License number 2020-005.

        Our company is located in southern state of India , Tamil Nadu which is famous for its richness in history and culture and for trading connections around the globe from ancient times. The company locality is also well connected to major roadway transports and ports.

        Our organization has an employee strength of 80+ out of which majority is Women employee .We have proffesionalists in various fields utilizing the new technology to meet
the market’s needs .We are into manufacturing of ready to wear garments

        We are a GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) and Fair wages compliance certified company. We have analysed the important of an ORGANIC products grow and requirement worldwide market, Where we understand the international market needs and we would like to associate with requirement and we started this company for small MOQ start-up clients as they can’t able to find the small MOQ manufacturers with GOTS certified products.

        Where we have planned to make into GREEN Factory for a small quantities. As we start work from 300 pieces per style concept and things are growing with us well. Since 2011 we are doing continuous business with our clients every season with increasing quantities and numbers of styles.

        We are a well set-up garment manufacturing factory and working with small clients as well big chain stores customers. We have a nice in-fra structure in our factory for small quantities and big quantities separate line manufacturing production set-up under one roof. Our capacity of production 30k pieces in different fashion styles every month. 

Focus on your health and Earth

We are a leading textile manufacturing and Exporting Company in South India specializing in ORGANIC TEXTILES and other ECO-FRIENDLY products. We have made organics lively and colour full. All our organic products are certified by agencies such as ICEA (of ITALY) and specifications such as GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard.

We place emphasis on both environment and health. We continually research and develop lively and fashionable products which also meet the eco-friendly and health criteria. We are among the most knowledgeable and most advanced organic textile companies.

Our products range includes Apparels, Fabrics and Home textiles. We also specialize in developing and private label manufacturing textile products. Our efforts to provide eco-friendly products are continuous. Our 100% organic cotton products rank among the top of eco-friendliness. In many of our products even the packaging is also organic. Our mission is to eliminate chemicals and eco-damaging processes..

Our Mission

To provide the best possible environment friendly clothes for you, the person who is looking for natural fibers and earth conscious clothes for themselves and the family. We take pride in ensuring that all our products are manufactured in a fair manner benefiting all stakeholders.

  • The Organic Clothes India is focused on organic textiles, sustainable fibers.
  • We are committed to focusing our product offerings exclusively on the best organic garments and textiles.
  • We will make every effort to provide organic products Made in INDIA. 


As organic markets grow, small family farms in the India have the chance to earn better income by going organic.

Finally, we believe the switch to organic choices should be personal, natural, and at your own pace and budget. 

We also want to be sure you make informed purchases, providing as much information as we can find, on organic cotton, care instructions, environmental legislation, and more.

Our Responsibility

Organic products cannot be cheapened, because organic farming and production are deeply linked to humane and Fair Trade practices around the world, offering farms, families and communities their rightful chance to live well. Dedicated organic certification bodies from many countries around the world are working hard to ensure organic, Fair Trade, and humane standards are achieved and sustained with stringent auditing and oversight. We at The Organic Clothes India embrace this, and are excited by the future potential for sustainable good and gradual environmental replenishment.

Therefore, The Organic Clothes India does not, and will not, engage in price wars. Our pricing will remain fair to our customers and suppliers, and reflect our responsibility as a member of the organic community.

We, at Organic clothes India, fully understand the value of customer satisfaction and hence we place great emphasis on Quality and on time delivery.