General Design

FAQ Section

The tech pack or sometimes called a spec chart is basically a blueprint of all the information regarding your design compiled together neatly for us to understand and manufacture your clothing designs accurately. We can able to share our own tech pack to share the example sheet when you develop or required.

Nature Bless Technology! In this age of tech savvy world we can be in constant touch with each other via phone, email and instant messengers like Telegram and WhatsApp. We can have a video conference over Skype if you would like to talk in person and discuss further on your ideas and we can also demonstrate or show your prototype which can be then be delivered to you via a courier service in 3-5 days.

We are located at southern part of Tamil Nadu, which is one of Asia’s largest hub in many sectors like apparel manufacturing and the entire eco-system from spinning – dyeing – finishing of the fabrics and the garments is available here.

Thus, we are in a better position here to cater to your needs and showcase you a vast category of products of your interest.

There are a multiple hassle free ways to reach:

Coimbatore – Tiruppur

— via road which takes around 45mins depending upon the traffic,

Please visit our Profile as we have made it comfortable for you and your esteemed organisation to better understand SOCC.

We at SOCC have a non-disclosure policy and thus your designs are not shown, shared or given for reference to any other person outside the company’s eco-system.

However, certain designs can be showcased in our factory’s sample room for reference only after a certain period of time (when it’s no longer fresh). We do not manufacture the same designs for any other client.

Moreover, we are also open to signing an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with you as we take your privacy seriously.

The design files are required in a format that don’t pixelate (vectorized) when we try to increase the size of the design. Thus, we recommend .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file but we can also work with .pdf, .jpeg, .eps and .tiff files.